Hean Pheap

Aug 17, 2023

My name is Pheap Hean (Mr.). I am Co-founder and Director of A D S A Cambodia. I responsibilities are top leader, general management, market research, leadership, communication with all stakeholders, capacity building, fundraising and networking.  I graduated with master degree of rural development. I have experience in 20 years in rural Development and Market Agriculture Value Chain.

The past from 2001 to 2023, I am a Co-founder for local NGOs (CRDT) and Business Owners (ASA Company). I am serving on the organizational and Company development, implementation and operations roles. Coming from a rural background and experiencing with poor living conditions, inspired me to commit to escape my life as well as my community’s from poverty. The opportunity has arisen when I met my peers in University, from similar background and having the same dreams where we discussed how we can use our potential to help the poor who do not have such a good opportunity to receive university education, and contributing to rebuild our country from young Cambodians. Then we were able to put together all the ideas and innovations to use all our theoretical knowledge into real practices, to address the real problems Cambodians are currently facing. Poverty and environment are critical inter-related issues that Cambodia is currently facing. Sustainable development is my major interest. I am extremely motivated to work with my lively team both national and international colleagues, who see the world without border, that we put together all our resources and endeavors to achieve the common goal of sustainable development where we wish to see our society are of prosperity with beautiful environment.

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