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Oct 26, 2023

            Business digitization has been strongly growing in Southeast-Asian countries. In Cambodia, this trend is pointing with potential impacts on job creation and improvement of markets. Digital transformation will inevitably support a new model of economic growth to realise Cambodia’s long-term vision of becoming an upper-middle-income country by 2030 and a high-income country by 2050. In response to this trend, the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) has announced its plan to transform the country into a digital economy by 2023 by initiating and developing relevant strategies, policies, and regulations for such transformation purpose. It is believed that rigorous digitization of the economy will drive innovations, spur entrepreneurship, create job opportunities, foster economic growth, and transform Cambodia’s economic landscape. The study identified the challenges and potential benefits for the agricultural businesses from adopting digital technologies, particularly e-payments and e-commerce for business transactions.

            In 2019, Cambodia’s Ministry of Rural Development executed the Sustainable Assets for Agriculture Markets, Business and Trade (SAAMBAT) project to “sustainably increase rural connectivity, the productivity of youth and the rural economy.” Its goals include providing digital literacy and connecting members of the agribusiness, partnering with the private sector and providing grants to startups in the digital agricultural value chain.

            A D S A Cambodia is a buy/sell center of safe agricultural products through on-site and e-commerce platform wholesale. A D S A Cambodia is participating in rural agricultural production, economic improvement, and income generation for rural Cambodian farmers. A D S A Cambodia has been working with more than 550 farmers in 11 provinces. Currently, we have also cooperated with 35 green shops and more than 350 Cambodian food enterprises for daily supply and distribution. Once the intervention is successful with sustainable results, ADSA’s objective is to extend to the other AC or farmers with agriculture businesses. More importantly, ADSA Cambodia aims at scaling up the production component to focus on a long-term strategy in which the safety of agriculture products will be increased in both quality and harvest volume. To make sure we will get successful business, A D S A need to study more about understanding market need and learn more new innovation ideas for improving agriculture business.

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