Oct 28, 2023

The Progressing Report

In July 2023, the ADSA Cambodia project conducted market research on agriculture value chains, covering suppliers/farmers, agro-processors, retailers, and end users. They used purposive sampling, surveying 121 individuals in their operational area. Key Informant Interviews were distributed as follows: 50.41% with end users, 24.79% with suppliers/farmers, 12.40% with retailers, and 12.40% with agro-processors. The survey spanned 10 provinces and one town: Battambang, Kandal, Kampong Speu, Takeo, Mondulkiri, Stung Treng, Kratie, Kampong Thom, Siem Reap, Pursat, and Phnom Penh.

Findings: Android devices dominated (73.7%) over iOS (26.25%). Popular apps included Telegram (84%) and banking apps (82%). 83% expressed interest in the ADSA app for digital agriculture. E-commerce was valued for time savings (49.20%), with fresh cucumbers (65.60%) as preferred food orders. Beef (80.30%) and pork (72.10%) were popular meats, while fermented mustard (66.60%) led agro-processing sales. These insights are crucial for Cambodia’s agriculture value chain.

●     Website

 The A D S A Cambodia project has successfully developed a website aimed at enhancing user engagement, increasing traffic, and boosting conversion rates. The website’s user-friendly design facilitates easy navigation, ensuring that consumers and partners can quickly find the information they need. This strategic move towards digital presence is expected to expand the project’s reach, transforming it from a local business to a digital platform serving a broader audience. You can explore the website at

●     Marketing Campaign

The ADSA Cambodia project prioritizes digital marketing to build trust and boost brand awareness. They create engaging content, including videos and photos, shared on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, and TikTok.

Additionally, they use bilingual brochures for detailed product and service information, aiding lead generation through mail campaigns and events. They also employ cost-effective X-stands and posters to showcase products in showrooms and retail stores, making them visible at various events. For further insights, check their social media report via the provided link.

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