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ADSA is an e-commerce platform that connects businesses producing safe agricultural products. It creates a network of similar or related businesses that can work together, buy and sell in one place, and promote rare agricultural products. The platform also allows farmers and suppliers to create a profile and sell their products on the ADSA app.

  • Vision: To be leading safe agricultural products to market.
  • Mission: To collect and distribute safe agricultural products to our customers through our warehouse and e-commerce platform.
  • Value: To be Trustability, Transparency, Integrity, Respect, Proud and Sustainability to all stakeholders. 
  • Our Story: A D S A Cambodia is a company established in 2022 by joining with two types of companies (1) ASA was formed in 2016, a wholesale distributor of local Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) and Organic products (2) D’fresh Grocery was formed 2019, as a retail safety and organic store. With high commitment of each founders want to promote Cambodian organic and safety products to market.
  • A D S A Cambodia is participates in rural agricultural production and economic improvement and income generation for rural Cambodian farmers. A D S A Cambodia has been working with more than 250 farmers that sharing to 11 provinces. Currently, we have cooperated 35 green shops and 150 Cambodian food enterprise for daily supplying and distributing.

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