The objective: To keep agriculture safe/fresh and fast delivery for all consumers/partners.

A D S A Cambodia will develop marketing plan for our business defines and directs the marketing activities that we will build the customer base and increase revenue. It encourages a company to look inwardly and outwardly to understand the impact of marketing decisions and the target market.

Thoroughly describe our delivery service and any products we may offer, including boxes and packing material. The first section of the marketing plan we will define the features and benefits of our service. Expound on all of the options we provide for delivery, such as overnight, same day courier. Describe our pricing structure and any discounts or sales that we will offer.

A D S A Cambodia will research and build a profile of our target customer. This group can be defined by demographics, including age, gender, family status, socioeconomic status, and/or lifestyle, such as values, hobbies, activities, beliefs. We will also need to determine our motives for using a delivery service and how often they might use service. Also, are there times or days when our target customer is more likely to use the service?

Research our competition. In this section of our marketing plan we will describe any and all competition in our areas. Be sure to include direct and indirect delivery services, listed with descriptions of our services, strengths and weaknesses. Address the ways in which our delivery service differs from the others and how our service will improve upon theirs the consumers need.

A D S A Cambodia will create marketing strategy. In this section, we will address the advertising venues we will use; will purchase advertising spots on local social media or digital marketing? What about newspaper advertisements? Describe any printed materials we will use in the promotion of our company. This will include brochures, fliers, business cards, coupons and stationery. Address the ways in which we will use our website and other online sources to promote our delivery service. If we are new to the area, this section will also include ways that we will introduce ourselves to the community.

Determine our marketing budget, which is essential to any marketing plan. A new business might use up to 20 percent of its sales on marketing strategies during the first year to make itself known. After that, the marketing budget usually falls somewhere between 1 percent and 10 percent of sales.


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